The zhuang ginger sugar
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Jiang zhuang,Henan bo 'ai speciality,Is pregnant celebrates one of the three hot,With a piece of big、Filament、The color yellow、Smell fresh、High output、Easy to store
“Before Joe basket、After Joe basket,Sue village radish,Jiang zhuang。”,Throughout the year“Taihang mountain under small jiangnan”The land——Bo 'ai,Circulate
Ginger is each family essential ingredients,No matter we cooking or soup to put a few slices of ginger as seasoning,Also with ginger
On jiang zhuang produced in henan province bo 'ai ShangZhuang Village area,Henan province people's government has listed the provincial intangible cultural heritage representative items
Nourishing health
The Dutch dairy milk90gSeven salad oil50gEggs are a Helen schucman red sugar60gSalt1.5gJasmine, strong flour wheat40gNew Orleans
Ginger massecuite,Brown sugar and brown sugar difference?Ginger massecuite:ZhuangHuai ginger and brown sugar or brown sugar12Hours of stewing,The main
Is menstruating women's unique physiological characteristics,Dysmenorrhea is associated with a woman the most painful feelings,For many women
The disorder is menstruation to be not moved,Menstrual disorders。Abnormal menstrual cycle,Menstruation earlier or later,The phenomenon such as abnormal menstrual quantity。
Palace cold tone
Clinical proof:Jiang massecuite can improve the quality of sperm,Enhance the vitality of the sperm!A man with fine for your,JingXie double melting,Blood is flourishing
For more details,Please sweep the yard
The big ginger price,The supply and demand information release,Contacts to add,Click below to read the original text。Anqiu big ginger market Surface
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