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Cole is optimal

Cole is optimal

Huzhou nanxun jun BMW furniture co., LTD is a diversified large-scale furniture company,Mainly to ShengChanBan,The sofa,Swivel chair,Hotel suites series products manufacturing enterprises,In the enterprise scale、Product design、The production process, etc。Products are exported to Europe and the United States、Southeast Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions,With multi-party praise。


Huzhou nanxun after jun BMW furniture co., LTD20Years of development has become a production level and advanced modern management concept of furniture enterprises,Spacious and standardized production workshop、Workshop;Choose environmental protection material production of high quality furniture products。The company over the years with the pioneering spirit of innovation、Products、Perfect after-sale service has won numerous merchants and customers highly appreciated,And inheriting“Products,Service”The spirit of enterprise。


The company has repeatedly participating countries、The government and construction of large enterprises and institutions。2010In the Shanghai expo,Changzhi city, Shanxi Province government procurement and so on are supplied with our products,Quality and service won praise。

The company takes the sustainable development strategy,In the complex market competition,The runway,Step-by-step,Good for him,Orderly planning blueprint,Global is suggested,Step by step,Constantly inheritance jun BMW's spirit。

The design of the heart,With the accuracy of a kind of life,Accurate knock,Elegant present in the work and life。

The pursuit of the details,Not only on the designer's imagination,More of the customer requirements into the thought idea。


Fully meet the use function at the same time,In the material、Structure、Have made a further development of exterior design,Break through the traditional functional limitations,In human nature,Personalized to reflect

Its elegant and generous、The characteristics of the appropriate comfortable idle。

The people-oriented design concept,Contracted style,The consummate craft,Bold and creative material selection,Deduce jing ya and free from vulgarity fashion furniture。

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Imports of high-end furniture market demand
In recent years,The domestic market for imported furniture brand heat。Domestic companies to import furniture brand agent amount increasing;Some large stores start from Europe and the United States imported furniture brand major efforts;International well-known import furniture brand entering the domestic market……With high-end imported furniture market activity,Also caused the extensive concern of the industry。  Although influenced by the overall environment,High-end furniture consumption by certain inhibition,But from the current situation,Zhengzhou、Shenyang lower-tier cities, such as demand for high-end imported furniture space is very large。And high-end brand sales situation is very stable,Good prospects。  Sales