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Constant art luminous word
Constant art advertising lighting projectLEDMultilayer stereo matching color resin luminous characters、The glow of sign,Light box,Billboard,Sign,Stereo vision effect is good,Strong sense of visual impact,New production process,Low cost,High profits,Advanced technology,Good advertising upgrade startup project!Art glass is a good technology and decoration industry upgrade2018Small investment profits big business good projects。
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Constant art technology five big project——Art glass、Art ceramic tile、Advertising lighting、Ice crystal glass、5DDeep scene,Investment in the fiery,Consulting on special now,For details, please telephone consultation:0792--8257335。

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Advertising technology transfer

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  Constant art research and development of the advanced technology of production of a new generation of glass fiber reinforced plastic resin luminous characters,Light,Font seamless,Broke the traditional acrylic luminous word producing method。The adoption of new materials,Simple and convenient,Don't need equipment,Small investment is one of the luminous word production technology of a great leap forward,Is a new generation of today's advertising industry highlights the glass fiber reinforced plastic resin luminous characters of products。Adapted to the advertising industry is now in a professional machining luminous word、Sign factory product upgrading。

  Efficiency:Multilayer three-dimensional tinted a integrated,Don't have to die,Compared with the similar words with high efficiency,One square metre per word production molding more than ten minutes,Speed is fast,Faster than a large acrylic equipment production。Free polishing、Free polishing、Avoid lacquer。

  Performance:Used in outdoor is not afraid of the wind、The rain、Sun even hail bad environment, etc,Rain and snow day still can be used as usual,And can use in the water、Fountains and other special occasions。

  Life:Outdoor use6-8Years do not fade、No crack。

  The energy consumption:Every square metre only electricity25-30W,Compared with the traditional neon light,Save electricity90%The above,Save a lot of electricity units or individuals for the user。

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Multilayer stereo matching color resin luminous characters、Sign

ArrowProject is recommended--Art glass Art glass technology

  Constant art art glass--Common glass processed into art glass technology!Art glass is through professional technical processing technology,In a normal white glass surface to make all sorts of concavo-convex three-dimensional art design of artistic effect,Flower,Animals and birds,Landscape character,Chrysanthemum patterns、Celebrity calligraphy and painting, etc,All available art glass technology applied to common glass,And everything works fine,Lifelike,Novel of primitive simplicity and elegant,Was a real eye-opener。Customers also can follow one's inclinations,According to his be fond of,With household atmosphereDIYExclusive your art glass。

  Investment advantage: The advanced laser equipment and professional production technology plus computer gallery template and industry management pattern can be opened in production,A small investment,No production site,But can small40-100Square meters workshop。

  The five characteristics:Daylighting sex、Flexibility、Environmental protection、Practicality、Personality。

  The process is complete:Dozens of process,To ensure a comprehensive grasp。

  Life is long:Indoor use ten years like one day,The service life for decades。

  Widely used:The setting wall of art glass can generally be as decoration、Porch、Screen、Partition、Condole top,Can also be embedded in the door of the room、On the closet、The table,Wide range of USES。

  Entrepreneurial projects:Constant art art glass、Art ceramic tile to adopt new technology,Comprehensive technology,Make more simple easy,Suitable for insufficient funds began to entrepreneurs should choose short、Ping、Fast good projects。

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