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        Nature of huangshan gave birth to a science and technology innovation enterprise——Huangshan city double treasure technology co., LTD,By introducing in recent years、Absorption、The digestion、And innovation,With the domestic famous scientific research institutions(The)Cooperation,Is a service in ecological environment construction、Harmless QuNiao as own duty,Committed to harmless QuNiao technology innovative enterprise。
        Company is mainly in the service of the airport、Agriculture、High-speed rail、Electric power industry such as harmless QuNiao,Focuses on systematic QuNiao,According to the characteristics of the related industries,Tailor systematic QuNiao solutions for these industries and products。Completed from a pure production to provide systematic solutions。
        The company has been deep in QuNiao technology and product application of the enterprise,Walk in the forefront of technology,Cooperate with many foreign companies have,Focus on biological agents、Light waves、A directional acoustic change QuNiao empty days and etc., research and product research and development of the world's advanced QuNiao method,Formed with independent intellectual property rights of many QuNiao product invention patent,Is the main drafting unit of anhui local product standards。
        Is designated as the founding of the company's products60Anniversary of the founding of the military parade to supply products,To be a partner with the state grid is suitable for the use of power facilities high temperature resistant、Long special QuNiao products,Was listed in national grid purchasing list。Company research and development of products to fill the domestic blank,By seven sets of CCTV、Xinhua national news media reports, etc,Facing the whole country is recommended。

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The company office address:Anhui huangshan tunxi district east road208Number
The site of factory:Anhui huangshan tunxi district ShuaiXin industrial park a period

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For the airport、Electric power、High-speed rail、The escort of agriculture

Huangshan city double treasure to insist on adhering to the application of science and technology co., LTD“Science and technology innovation,Quality improvement”For this,In order to“Mass human service”For the purpose,With the latest products,The best quality and best service with the customers at home and abroad for a better future。

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