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The company was named area“Ten big charitable compassion enterprise”
China xin the heart to the world——Zhoushan city xin and ship building…
“Xin the cup”Intermediate vessel welder skills grand meeting ended smoothly…
Gestured to company, deputy director of research
General manager of led plant safety in production major inspection
Zhang Jin director to the company visit
      Zhoushan city xin and ship building co., LTD., was established2002Years8Month,It happened20A dry dock(Long dock369M,Wide54M,Type deep12.4M),8A dry dock(Long dock230M,Wide38M,Type deep10.9M),20The intention of a(Long400M,Wide20M),15The intention of a(Long250M,Wide20M),8Two level ports, respectively(Long200M,Wide20M)And(Long180M,Wide20M),Have a coastline1500M,The total investment10One hundred million yuan。The total area23Million square meters,The construction area6Million square meters,Company existing staff800People,Outside contractor3000People。