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Toilet partition◆Lie between and continuously◆Beautiful and easy
Toilet partition◆Lie between and continuously◆Beautiful and easy

Anhui concave and convex partition company main professional toilet partition manufacturer:Toilet partition,Shower partition,The partition,The toilet partition,The office partition,A public toilet partition。Widely used in the airport、The subway、The railway station、High-speed service area、The hospital、The school、The hotel、The mall、The hotel、The hotel、Hotel、Office buildings、Commercial buildings and other public places,To provide the country****The wholesale price,Ann

Frequently asked questions

Public toilet partition how to design things?How much is the size of public toilet partition design?Concave
We often see a public toilet outside,Generally exists in the widely
What toilet partition materials?What kind of toilet partition materials?Bump partition to introduce for you
There are many kinds of toilet partition materials,For example:Resistance times the special plate、Natural stone、Composite panels、Toughened glass, and so on,Today is concave and convex partition small make up to introduce the two among the more common species:PVCPlate、Moistureproof board。 1、pvcPlate PVCPlate isPVCAs the raw material made of cross section for the honeycomb plate mesh structure。Is a kind of vacuum suction plastic membrane,The surface of the packing for all kinds of panel,
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